Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Obama Immigration Pander Show Democrats To Be Racist

WOW. Who would have thunk so many Democrats were racist? If the narrative of opposing Obama makes you racist then many Democrats are in deep trouble. All I can say is welcome to the Presidents Enemy List.

Obama Immigration Pander Costing Him Support of White Democrats: "PPP, a democrat-leaning polling firm, is out today with a new poll of Ohio, a critical battleground this Fall. The top-line number getting the most attention is Obama's erosion of support over the past month. A month ago, Obama led Romney by 7. Today's poll shows the lead has fallen to just 3 and Obama remains below the important 50% threshold. Perhaps more interesting in today's poll, though, is the sharp drop-off in Obama's support among white Democrats.
Last month, Obama led among white Democrats 89-6. Today, his lead is down to 78-16. A twenty-point swing in one month is a big shift. The corrupt media will no doubt suggest this has something to do with race. But, remember, they were giving Obama around 90% of their support a month ago. A huge swath of white Democrats didn't suddenly become racists this month. Whether its the continued sluggishness in the economy, the renewed focus on ObamaCare or the Fast & Furious scandal, something is definitely eroding Obama's support with a significant portion of his base. "

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