Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Evils Of Continuing Budget Resolutions

Obama and Reid have been skillful in playing the GOP the last two years. Not only have they both prevented ANY budget from being passed ( The Senate, under Reid, has not even debated a budget in over 1100 days). Now they will use their skill at refusing to be responsible for their failures to blame the GOP House which did pass budgets just to see them all die in the Senate.  The House leadership agreed to the Continuing Resolution to keep the government running because of fears from the Clinton years when Newt shut the government down in his budget fights with Clinton.  The House GOP got played for suckers... AGAIN.
The approximately $1.59 trillion in new debt accumulated since the Republican-controlled House gained a veto over federal spending legislation is more than the total increase in the federal debt between 1789, when the first Congress convened, and October 1984, when the 98th Congress was nearing the end of its second session.
Debt Up $1.59T Under GOP House—More in 15 Months Than First 97 Congresses Combined |

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