Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Day Freedom Died In America

The day started out with hope but soon was lost to betrayal. Benedict Roberts has with his choice enslaved future Americans to lifetimes of slavery to the state.  His ruling has and will increase government now without any checks or stops.  Any government decree can now be mandated as a tax. A tax on those who do not walk lockstep with the ruling class in D.C. used to punish common Americans.

I can only wonder what was the price paid for his vote?  I know the price "We The People" will pay with our freedoms.  Freedoms that were once the pride of the nation but soon to be just a memory as more and more government controls are placed over our lives.

They are using this bad law to destroy your rights. Your 2nd Amendment gun rights, your freedom of Religion, and now many many other freedoms we took for granted are all lost.

But do not give up all hope. We can become strong doing what is needed to save the nation. We must get real conservatives in power and remove the Progressive Democrats and Progressive Republicans.

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