Sunday, September 18, 2011

Response to Progressives Who Dislike the Truth.

I have not and will not personally attack any Progressive or supporter of Obama's for holding onto uninformed opinions. They have a right to be as misinformed and misguided as they chose.

I have listed links supporting my views to almost every post I made. No Progressive has yet to summit one supporting theirs. I based my post on facts not propaganda. You Progressive spew talking points as if your quoting them from your daily emails the Obama White House sends out to their sheep.

Their hate for all things conservative, and Fox News in particular, seems to be based on what they are told to think and not on what they observe. I do not mean to burst their bubble but my cable package is not one with access to the Fox News Channel. So my views are based on research and are not pre-programed as theirs seem to be from MSNBC.

I am eager to debate anyone of opposing views who has the ability to place facts on the table to support those views. I may even accept those as correct and then change my views accordingly. But I have little use for Progressive talking points, race baiting, distortions, and outright lies. So if that is all you have keep it to yourself unless you are eager to be proven wrong and embarrassed in a public debate.

I have been asked why I focus on Obama. The answer is simple. He is the President. He is the Executive branch of government. His agenda and policies are the ones that have caused the nation to suffer as it is today. His big government and intrusive attempts to dictate all things to every citizen has destroyed jobs, paralyzed the economy, and made our nation a joke to most of the world.

The congress is dysfunctional as it is now composed. The house passed a budget and the Senate refuses to even consider one. In fact the Senate has not even debated a budget in over 900 days. The house has passed reforms to lower the deficit and national debt, the Senate only wants to "Tax the Rich" and play class warfare. The House passed plans to stabilize the economy through positive economic growth incentives and the Senate only wants to raise taxes, eliminate the debt ceiling, and spend more money.

So it is clear to see the reason I attack Obama is because unlike the Congress he is actively destroying the economy, our liberties, and killing jobs through his branch of governments activist and regulatory agenda.

If my statements can be proven wrong I will be happy to retract them. But I do my best to use facts and not just conjecture in my post. A practice you will never find at The New York Times or on MSNBC.

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  1. I am definitely an Obama supporter but I am not a progressive. I do not get white house emails and I don't have any cable packages. You wont see me using conservative hot words like "job creators", "elitist" or "class warfare". I don't ever reference partisan news organizations. I don't race bait, distort or lie. That being said lets do this.