Friday, September 23, 2011

Progressive Zombies Vile Attack on Bristol Palin: ‘YOUR MOTHER’S A WHORE!’

What would you do if you were out with friends and a jerk started yelling at you calling you a "Bitch" and saying "Your mother is a whore"? Not because of anything you did or said to provoke the attack but simply because your alive. That was exactly what happened to Bristol Palin.

The very people who proclaim they are the champions for every person to be protected from abuse and attacks such as this are the people doing the attacks. The hate filled propaganda from the Progressive political machine is flowing out of control.

What sickens me most is not that the Zombie Progressive is regurgitating the propaganda he is indoctrinated with in such a hateful way... its that so many people did not stand up and shout the fool down for his hate and bully tactics. That the employees who witnessed the attack did not remove the jerk from the building. Since when did we as Americans feel it was okay to stand by and see such hate uncontested?

Have so many of us subcomed to the fear of Political correctness we dare not stand and oppose such hate as this? Are we now a nation of cowards with no concern for our neighbors and fellow Americans? You would think so from the hate that the Progressive left is allow to get away with from the media and even law enforcement.

Without any doubt there is a class of people today it is okay to abuse, threaten, harass, insult, and many times to physical assault. They are Christians. They are conservatives. They are common people who respect others and obey the laws.

But I will not stand by and allow such evil from Progressives to go uncontested when I see it occur. I will get in their face and stand for what's good and right. I will not let Political Correctness drive fear into my heart and paralyze my ability to stand up for good people.

How about you? Are you one of those who turn the other way because of fear? If you are then shame on you. But be assured that even if you don't have the courage to stand up to defend yourself, there people like me who will on your behalf. It will cost you nothing. You don't even need to say thank you. I will do it because it's right, and the honorable thing to do. So that at the end of the day I can close my eyes knowing God is smiling for the act of courage and kindness I offered to another one of his children.


  1. You had me till "Zombie Progressive is regurgitating the propaganda he is indoctrinated with in such a hateful way". It's hard to claim the moral high ground when you slander someone for slandering somebody. I think a christian that follows the bible would have to ask WWJD. Would that christian turn the other cheek or go for an eye for an eye? I'm pretty sure I know which of those philosophies your Jesus Christ would choose.

  2. And about the rest of it...... In my opinion you unrealistically portray all the hatred in politics in the US squarely on the shoulders of the progressives. Extremists in both parties are guilty of these tactics. I believe its irresponsible to condemn a group of people based on the action of one person. As for the superhero dialogue in the last paragraph does it only apply to people in you general vicinity cause if not you should donate some time or money to help the people suffering atrocities in Africa.

  3. Zombie Progressive was a phrase I chose after much thought. When you see people acting without the ability to think for themselves it displays a mindless, uninformed, and controlled individual. So Zombie is a spot on term to describe most Progressives.

    As far as WWJD I can say I feel I try to do that. When he saw the filth in his Church he did not ask the offenders is a sweet tender way to please oh please remove the filth from my temple. What he did was he took action and kicked ass. So if I offend anyone because I will stand up to the filth and evil of hate filled people like that man's vial attacks on Miss Palin then so be it. I have no regrets.

    As for my "portrayal" of the hate from the Progressives those are just the facts. Even the liberal news media must attest to that fact. Believe me if they would pin it on a Christian or and conservative they would in a heart beat. Now I am not saying that there is not the occasional nut job from the far right who sticks his head up now and then. But when they do the FIRST group to condemn their actions are those in the Conservative movement. When was the last time you saw Progressives condemn one of their own? Even when Weiner was exposed as a pervert the Progressive left try to defend him. They only gave up after it was clearly a lost cause.

    And I am no "Superhero". I am just a man. A man sicken by the abusive and evil treatment of the innocent by agenda driven heartless Progressives. You may chose to side with them or me. You may choose to look the other way when you see evil attack the innocent but I will not. You may choose to allow those who support Progressive views a excuse to permit them to break the law or not be civil but I will not. I will stand up to them and defend the weak. That in no way makes me a super hero... it just shows I good person who will not let evil prevail.

  4. I'm sorry I clearly didn't realize that slander was on par with defiling "the house of God". I'm sure Jesus whipped the crap out of anyone who slandered him or his followers. Jesus knew that anyone who didn't follow his ideology was evil right?

    In regards to progressive condemning their own. I'm not hung up on that kind of noise about progressives, or conservatives. I'm not interested in people becoming martyrs or trying to lay blame on an entire political party based on the actions of one person.

    As for your portrayal of hate. You don't get to use your opinion as facts. No body in their right mind can read your blogs and say your an objective blogger without obvious bias. You use hateful rhetoric towards the progressives while decrying the hateful rhetoric of the progressives as "evil".

    I'll repeat an earlier statement. What have you done to stop the prevailing evil in Africa. They have warlords and famine and genocide. Or do you only combat the evils of progressive ideology.

    Please stop the whole christian martyr theme. The world isn't out to get the Christians like you portray. We just want you guys to practice what you preach and stop lobbying congress to embed Christianity into the government. Religion has no place in government. We are not a theocracy.

  5. I stand by what I said about Zombie Progressives. "Zombie Progressive was a phrase I chose after much thought. When you see people acting without the ability to think for themselves it displays a mindless, uninformed, and controlled individual."

    Progressives will never condemn their own or reject their actions. That is just a simple fact.

    As for my blogs I started it out with in my Welcome message with "The truth is subjective to the observer. Here I will try to share the truth in the most honest way my perception allows." My perceptions may not be like those of others and I never proclaimed they were. I base mine on facts and not hype. I use truth and not distortions. I educate myself into the topics where Progressives are just indoctrinated in what to say.

    Progressivism is evil. It is based on lies, distortions, hate, and the imprisonment of free thought and personal liberties. It is rooted in forcing the population to live under a socialist form of government with no regard to the rights of each person to become the best they can through hard work.

    As far as being a Christian martyr I have never proclaim such a title. I am a Christian and I do see my faith under attack in all areas of society and by our government. Those are simple truths no sane person denies.