Monday, September 19, 2011

Views on Illegal Immigration And Jobs

I want to ask a simple question: Do you want American citizen to have the opportunity to be first at jobs or do you want jobs to go to illegal immigrants?

As our economy keeps contracting due to many factors, those Americans who are unemployed and those who will lose their jobs, are the real victims to illigal immagration. Obama's Executive order granting what amounts to amnesty to illigal immergrants is a slap in the face of those unemployed Americans.

I hear the pro amnesty side say "But Americans do not want those jobs" and "It's the greedy employers fault wanting cheep labor".

Let me answer both of the questions with a few more to help open your eyes. Do you think a owner of a business will risk losing it for cheep labor? Do you think that once hard working Americans who see their homes foreclosed on, their children going without things they want and need, and losing their self respect so they can stand in the welfare lines for handouts do not want to work? Are you so sure starvation, poverty, and the loss of everything they own means nothing to them? Surely your not so cynical in you political beliefs that you are concerned only with your own political interests that you disregarding accept or appropriate standards in order to achieve them? Are you that heartless to the plight of fellow American citizens?

Not all the jobs that illegal immigrants hold are low paying. Many were in the construction fields building homes, roads. water systems and other infrastructure projects. In fact some are employed by our own governments, both state and federal. I am sure many American citizens would jump at the chance for those jobs. The only way to help these Americans is to close the door on illegal immigration and make E-Verify a requirement to employment anywhere in the nation. We already require a Social Security card and the E-Verify system is nothing more then a way to check to ensure that SS number is legal.

In the state of Illinois only 2% of employers now use the E-Verify system. With a 9.9% unemployment rate, you can see the jobs that would be open if 100% of the employers were required to check the legal status of their workers?

If you want to help get Americans back to work do this:
* Allow all employers to run all existing workers through E-Verify.
* Mandate for State & Local Governments to run all existing employees through E-Verify.
* Mandate for State & Local Governments to run private industry existing workers through E-Verify if they are working on Government contracts.
* Mandate Federal "No-Match Letters" to employers with requirement to fire illegal-alien workers with fictitious or mismatched Social Security numbers.
* Mandate Federal Notification Letters to identify and fire illegal-alien workers with stolen identities.
* Allow State and local authorities to arrest, detain, and turn illegal aliens over to federal authorities.
* Revoke business licenses, articles of incorporation, etc. of businesses that fail to comply with the federal E-Verify mandate "when and as required" to do so.
* Workplace raids by state officials based on credible evidence of hiring illegal aliens.
* Allow state/local enforcement to determine legal status during legal contact and if there's reasonable cause to believe the individual may be in the country illegally.
* Prohibiting or regulating day labor sites.
* Deny in-state tuition and grants to illegal aliens.
* Prohibit sanctuary laws and city's.

Everybody talks about putting Americans back to work but few do anything. The Legal Workforce Act could be the the first jobs bill out of Congress this fall. H.R. 2885 is legislation carefully crafted to get through the House and Senate and get the President's signature. It is not about grandstanding but about changing the law THIS FALL and starting to put millions of unemployed Americans back to work over the next three years.

The argument about what to do with 11 million illegal aliens can be done later. For now, though, let's make sure that none of them is taking a job from an American citizen or legal immigrant. Put Americans first for a change.


  1. Holy crap that was great man. Good job. I agree with you 100%. The only thing I did't like about the bill was the mandatory one year sentence on the illegals. I don't want to pay 20,000 a year to lock them up. The cost of the lock up alone if even just 2% of the illegals are caught is like 4.4 billion per year not even including court costs or anything else.

  2. I agree with you Wayne. Better to just spend $2000 to deport them. Think of how much that will save in welfare, healthcare, food stamps, and so much other cost we incur from illegals gaming the system.

  3. I grew up in Coachella Valley too so I definitively carry a huge chip on my shoulder when it concerns illegals taking advantage of a system they illegally entered. Only they need to deport them to southern Mexico not the top and let them find their own way home.

  4. For me it's not a chip on my shoulder. It's a matter of right and wrong. It's a matter of putting my fellow Americans first and helping them when times are hard. It's a matter of obeying the law and expecting others to do the same. Expecting those we place in authority to serve us in a way that follows the rule of law.