Saturday, September 10, 2011

More Reasons Obama Is A Failed Leader

Barack Obama is solidifying his status as the worst president in American history. By choosing not to secure the border against unlawful entry, Obama willfully disregarded his clear duty under Article IV, Section 4, of the Constitution to protect the states from foreign invasion. Obama admitted this in a candid exchange with Sen. Jon Kyl, telling him the reason he was not stopping the cross-border human trafficking was to force Republicans in Congress to strike a deal for amnesty legislation.

Obama is showing contempt for the Constitution, the separation of powers and the rule of law by ordering an "administrative amnesty" for millions of illegal aliens. If that were not enough, the Los Angeles Times is reporting that the Drug Enforcement Administration chief admitted her agency provided a “supporting role” in Operation Fast and Furious, uncovered court document alleging the U.S. government “allegedly cut a deal” with the Sinaloa drug cartel that included helping finance and arm the cartel through Fast and Furious. WTF?

Obama is a failed leader and he will bring massive failure onto America if his agenda is not opposed.


  1. Ok goin back to this David? This article is by far the weakest you've written to date. You were doing real well with that last batch, you even had one I liked a lot.Then this came. When you say "not choosing to secure the border against unlawful entry" are you taking into account that we've seen record deportation under this administration? That kind of contradicts the rfusing to secure the border argument. In terms of strengthening the border Obama has been using the Bush's mandate and has kept record numbers of border patrol agents on active duty. So what the hell do you mean hes choosing not to secure the border? Is your only argument some hearsay from a minor Senator at some dinky town hall meeting? I'm disappointed in you David. Then there's the fast and furious debate. You're really putting that on Obama? Really? So he is now responsible for everything that happens in this country? Or do you just get to pin the negative stuff on him? I'll repeat an earlier statement of mine. There is no such thing as administrative amnesty. It only says they are going to focus more resources on the violent illegal immigrants. Would you rather them not focus on the violent ones? I expect more out of you David I was always told you were a smart guy.

  2. Nothing would make me happier then to have something to give Obama credit for. The ONLY thing I can think of is the killing of OBL. And all he had to do then was get out of the way and let the military do their job.

    Unlike you Wayne I feel the law should be enforced. I do not feel our elected leaders should have a right to pick and choose which law they will enforce to suit their political agendas. It was wrong for Reagan to pardon them but at lest he did so in line with the Constitution, it was wrong for Bush to try to pardon them, and it is a clear violation of the Constitution and abuse of power for Obama to ignore his required duties now in order to pardon millions of them. The rule of law matters and Obama has FAILED to do his duty. He has FAILED the nation on every level.

    Perhaps open boarders is the Progressive idea of utopia but it will never be mine. If they are illegals it means they have broken the law. Deport each and every one of them. The next President will with the stroke of his pen be able to return our nation to one based on the rule of law. Overturning Obama's executive orders should be the first and most important requirement for our next President.