Saturday, September 3, 2011

Guess I am not alone....

The recent lawsuit filed against the banks by the Obama justice department has a few people a little pissed. If this is any indication of what a jury in a trial would look like then the government will surly lose any case brought before a court.

On another related note did you know about the American Infrastructure Financing Authority? It was introduced in a bill by Sen Kerry and other Progressives. The bill would create an American Infrastructure Bank. Do we need a National Bank full of Taxpayers funds so politicians can use it as a front to their pork barrel spending scams? Ask yourself one little question... Do you trust politicians with YOUR money after they have spent us into over $14,5 TRILLION into debt already? I say hell no.

Here are just a few of the comments from myself and other Americans around the nation. These were posted on The Patriot Action Network today.

Comment by Malcolm Friedman 2 minutes ago
Barney Frank and his cohorts forced these banks to give bad mortgages. Sounds like the pot calling the kettle black. These progressives are so hypocritical, it's almost hysterical if it wasn't so damaging. What they call conservatives, Republicans and any other descent person is exactly what they are and do. I just hope and prey the average American realize this.

Comment by David Hicks 4 minutes ago
Comment This is a GREAT opportunity to bring many of the corrupt Obama goons to face a Judge in court. My be just a civil court but still a great chance to EXPOSE them for what they are. The Banks will have every right to subpoena documents and dig deep into the REAL reason the government FORCED them to make these loans. As soon as the start to lie (and we all know Obama and his goons lie all the time) it will open up a chance to bring them into criminal court after the next election to face justice.

Comment by Skip Peters 20 minutes ago
What is taking place with the Obamacare is going to end up the same way. The banks were told to give the loans if not the feds would cut off the federal backed funds to insure our money. So banks had to loan the money sounds alot like we have got to buy obamacare. We can thank Bill Clinton for the banking problems and the Bush Wars, Bill Clinton pased laws to keep the Angency from giving each other, infomation that could have stop the twin towers from being brought down. This also lead to the different groups that are Communist to start. The muslims are in charge of many of the groups here in America that get federal grant money Billy Carter started in the 70's by givivg billions to the muslims to fight the Jews. It's been bad after bad Presidents that have gave us the mess we are in today Our freedoms have been underminded by the Federal Reserve Bank started in 1912 we can thank another Democrate Woodrow Wilson for WW1 then came Franklin D. Roosevelt for WW2, Eisenhower went into Korean over a Democrate agreement to back country being attacked by Communist Country's Up holding the agreement. Then came John F. Kennedy with the Viet Nam war Johnson after Kennedy and then Richard Nixson and Ford and bad became worse, Carter who sent us into another banking problem. So what has happened to America these so call Great men have been destroying our country Let us not for get Ronald Reagen who got us out of going to war with the USSR but won the Cold war not a waste of life. But then a another Socialiest President George H W Bush who called for war in the middle east. Who wanted a One World Order, and his son another Socialist wanting a One World Order George W Bush. This is why we cann't tell who is Repubican or Democrate they all take advanage of a major problem And then comes Obama the biggest Socialist President were. But everyone of the Presidents were and are tied in to the Bildersburgs,Rothschilds and the Illuminti. Is there any wonder why we are, were we are. Only God can Help us at this point in time.

Comment by Gary Frazier 21 minutes ago
obama an his crew are 2 face at the best i think we all remember what the democcrats did 2005 what they did in blocking what bush treid to do befor the house fell in on the 2 loan groups they block it with good old barney frank leaning the charge saying they were are on stronge finanical footing well last couble years we see this was not the case yet they want to blame bush and obama vote was to block any change in how fannie mae,freddie mac did busness with people were they didn't check to see if they had a job or the back up to pay for the say thanks to obama and baney franks
Comment by Alisha Rushing 22 minutes ago

Classic, Billary and the DC Boys set them up for this, and now they are going to blame them, and even fine them for it! Honestly the government got exactly what they wanted. And if they win this suit against the banks then they'll own the banks too. No surprise....this is just O's way of saying I'll take it all weather or not you give it to me. Socialism, Marxism, and Communism combined to set us up for the ultimate failure. May God have mercy on America, AFTER WE REPENT!

Comment by Debrajoe Smith-Beatty 26 minutes ago
The average American citizen is apathatic: the immigrants are motivated to take over. It is that simple. If American citizens won't protect their freedoms they deserve to not have them.

Comment by Annie Gardner 29 minutes ago
The Marxists are not going to be satisfied until they own and operate absolutely everything and everyone inside this country, and the dirty rats are working at a rapid pace to acheive those goals before the 2012 election date.

Comment by P Gillenwater 34 minutes ago
I would rather see them go to jail instead of being to big to go to jail. Let's be honest here -- the banks -- wall street and the gov't were complicit in this whole mess. Bad boy's all. Sadly they haven't stopped.
Comment by John L. Armstrong 35 minutes ago
Liberal democrats (clinton, janet reno, barney fwank, chris dodd) forced banks to make bad loans using the "community reinvestment act" of 1977, a jimmy carter nuclear stink bomb that went off 30 years later. freddy and fanny were willing accomplices and guaranteed the loans under the congressional "oversight" of socialist idiots dodd, fwank, maxine waters, et. al. Things went just fine as long as the "value" of the homes kept getting artificially bid up. Now the bubble burst and freddy and fanny want to sue the banks for doing what the federal gov't forced them to do? The bubble never woulda happened with out freddy and fannie. They better hope I'm not on the jury!

Comment by Richard Charles Wagener 47 minutes ago
AI hope that the banks do file a countersuit against the Government. The reason for the mess in the first place is the Government. Normal reaction from the big bully; blame someone else and we all know Obama is the Grand Champion for doing that.

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