Saturday, September 1, 2012


Michelle Obama Presents Course: 

'Supermarket Shopping 101'

( - As part of her anti-obesity Let's Move campaign, First Lady Michelle Obama is now presenting a brief online course: “Supermarket Shopping 101.”
The course, which now appears on the website, provides novice shoppers with tips such as “steer clear of the cookie, snack and soda aisle.”
Supermarket Shopping 101: Read This Before You Hit the Grocery Store,” written by Lisa Cericola, was first published among the materials the first lady presented online last week when she was a "guest editor" at Now, it has been republished on the Let’s Move blog.
As previously reported,, which featured Mrs. Obama as a guest editor, also features graphic sex tips, including from prostitutes.

A self-described “cheat sheet” for grocery shopping, "Supermarket Shopping 101" includes tips on when is the best time to shop and how to navigate a grocery store.

“You’ve got your list, you’ve got your cart--let’s get shopping!” the article says.  “Focus on the perimeter of the store first--that’s typically where you’ll find the produce, meat and dairy sections, which stock fresh, whole foods that should comprise the bulk of your shopping list.”

“Supermarket Shopping 101” instructs shoppers to leave the junk food for last, in order to “train yourself” to eat healthy.

“Steer clear of the cookie, snack and soda aisle until after you’ve collected everything on your list--at that point, your cart should be full, which might make you feel less tempted to buy things you don’t need,” the article says.

“By always heading to the essential areas of the store first, you’ll train yourself to form a shopping pattern that’s healthier – and, in time, will get you in and out of the store faster.”

The tips emphasize the importance of making a list: “To avoid walking in circles around the supermarket, divide your ingredient list into categories such as ‘Produce,’ ‘Dairy & Eggs,’ ‘Meat,’ ‘Canned Goods,’ ‘Dry Goods’ and ‘Frozen Foods.’”

“That way, you know where to go and what you need. (And hopefully steer clear of impulse buys!),” the article adds.

Wednesday is the preferred shopping day, according to Let’s Move, which adds, “Whenever you decide to shop, just don’t do it on an empty stomach--hunger pangs will tempt you to stray from your shopping list.”

“Like Santa Claus, you should always check your grocery list twice,” the guide continues.  “Before you grab your keys and head to the store, do a quick check of your pantry, refrigerator and freezer to make sure you don’t already have any of the items on your list. Not only will you avoid coming home with an extra carton of eggs, you might also notice that you’re nearly out of an everyday staple like orange juice or butter.”

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