Friday, September 21, 2012

For RINO's it not about the country... it's all about them keeping a strangle hold on the GOP

The sad and sick part is it took so long for Akin to get the help he needs to win the race.  The RINO's have control of the pocketbook and have chocked Aken's campaign because of a stupid remark he apologized for. They did this to TEA party candidates in 2010 and Carl Rove and company are doing it again now in 2012. For RINO's it not about the country... it's all about them keeping a strangle hold on the GOP.

Jim DeMint to throw Todd Akin a financial lifeline

Jim DeMint, who has raised millions of dollars to support Senatorial candidates, says he will consider helping Todd Akin financially win his race if he stays in past the deadline and he encourages the NRSC under John Cornyn to do the same:
THE HILL – Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.) says he will consider throwing his weighty financial support behind Rep. Todd Akin (R), the Missouri Senate candidate who has been shunned by party leaders in Washington.
DeMint said the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC), which has pulled its funding from the Missouri race, should reconsider its decision if Akin continues his candidacy.
The senator said backing Akin in Missouri, a red state, might be a better bet for winning a GOP seat that pouring money into blue states such as Maine and Hawaii that are likely to go for President Obama in November.
“I’m certainly looking at the race now. Todd’s a good conservative; he’s been a good representative for a long time. He did make a mistake and said it was a mistake,” DeMint said.
GOP leaders in Washington, as well as the party’s nominee, Mitt Romney, urged Akin to drop his Senate bid after he made controversial comments about “legitimate rape.” Akin apologized for the remarks but has refused to leave the race.
DeMint said if Akin stays in the Senate race past the state deadline for withdrawal, “I will certainly reconsider what I do.”
“I think we need to take every Republican candidate around the country and do what we can to elect them. He’s certainly within striking distance,” he said. “If the people of Missouri — if they’re going to throw him out because of one mistake, that’s tough.
“I’m going to look at the race and I would encourage [NRSC Chairman] John Cornyn [R-Texas] to look at all races where Republicans have a chance to win,” DeMint said. “We have some resources we can put in races, and we’re looking where else we want to invest.”

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