Monday, August 20, 2012

Why I Will Never Vote For Obama - Issues Obama will not address:

Here is the short list of why I will never vote for Obama. Keep in mind that this is the short list...

Why I Will Never Vote For Obama - Issues Obama will not address:

  1.  GM losses / Takeover
  2.  Record Spending
  3.   Islamic Extremism / Muslim Brotherhood connections
  4.   First Ever U.S. Credit Downrange. (Another may be on it’s way soon)
  5.   Diminished U.S. Global Standing
  6.   The Worst Economic Recovery In U.S. History
  7.   Global Instability
  8.   Unemployment Over 8 % for over 3 years
  9.   $16 Trillion Debt
  10.  $5.3 Trillion Record Spending in 3 years
  11.  Intelligence leaks from White House Staff for Political Gain
  12.  Fast & Furious Cover-up
  13.  Obama has no plan to save Medicare
  14.  Obama has no plan to save Social Security
  15.  Nationalized  Healthcare
  16.  Cutting $716 Billion for Medicare to fund Obamacare
  17.  Planned $7 Billion new cuts to Medicare over the next 10 years to support Obamacare
  18.  Iran Nukes
  19.  1.5% GDP
  20.  47 million Americans on food stamps
  21.  Highest Poverty Rate in 50 Years
  22.  Solyndra loan and cover-up
  23.  Illegal Aliens Amnesty
  24.  Abuse of Office by use of Executive Orders to overturn laws passed by congress
  25.  Refused to release College Recoards
  26.  Refused to State of Hawaii to release Original Birth Certificate
  27.  Cutting Military Benefits / Medical Coverage
  28. Cutting on Defense spending to reallocate money to entitlements
  29.  Use of two different Social Security Numbers in his lifetime
  30.  Refusal to show his last 10 years of tax returns
  31.  Refusal to explain why he followed the racist Rev Wright for 10 years and claims he never heard him preach hate.
  32.  Attacks on Religious freedoms
  33.  500 + dead Mexicans from gun running program
  34.  Tax dodgers in his Cabinet / staff
  35.  Lies, Lies, and more Lies.  Obama lies so much no one can trust anything he says.
  36.  Obamacare designed to Unionize 21 Million Healthcare workers forcing healthcare cost to skyrocket.
  37.  UAW Pensions Saved And Non Union Delphi Employees Shafted By Obama
  38.  Protects Political Donor Corzine From Prosecution For Mismanaging BILLIONS of Investors Dollars.
  39.  Plays Golf As Nation Suffers Under His Failed Policies  The Obama Golf Counter - I will not rest until...: 
  40.  Obama supports the Occupy Movement. With all the crime, drugs, death, and rape at these events why would a President ever support this activity. 

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