Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Media, Obama Coordinate Romney Smear With Pro-Occupier's 'Vanity Fair' Article

Media, Obama Coordinate Romney Smear With Pro-Occupier's 'Vanity Fair' Article: "The first thing you need to know is that everything Mitt Romney is obligated by law to reveal about his finances he has revealed.

That's a fact.

A fact the likes of Politico's Alexander Burns (remember him) and the Washington Post's Greg Sargent leave out of their concern-trolling over what this Vanity Fair article written by Nicholas Shaxson just might mean for Mitt Romney."

Dems are circulating the magazine’s deep dive into Romney’s offshore accounts, tax loopholes, and carried interest. The article suggests that Romney is the poster boy for a kind of financial behavior that pushes the boundaries into “murky” and “gray” areas — words the article uses frequently — and sketches out the degree to which the Romney camp has not been forthcoming about the details of his financial holdings.
The Obama camp will use this to continue raising questions about Romney’s commitment to the middle class and whose interests he’d really represent as president..
One of the themes of the VF piece is that while we know how Romney characterizes his finances and his taxes — Romney says he doesn't dodge U.S. taxes and operates his money within the bounds of the law — there's not enough information available to verify that publicly.
You can see exactly where this is headed, right?.
Though both Politico and the Post lie through the act of omission by not telling their readers Romney has complied 100% with financial disclosure requirements, what both are doing here (and you can expect the rest of the media to pile on) is laying the foundation for a media-narrative that will demand more disclosure from Romney. The tactic is an old one, for the media knows that the simple act of demanding this kind of information is in and of itself a way of making Romney look slippery and dishonest -- you know, like a rich jerk with something to hide -- which is exactly how the Obama campaign (and therefore Politico and the Washington Post) intend to define Romney.
The collusion on telling lies is unprecedented here with Obama and major media.  Never before have so many in the media knowingly lied and distorted the truth to the American people then in this election.  Is it any wonder who Obama wants to shut down the voices in the new media. He cannot control us or expect us to lie for him as MSNBC, CBS, ABC, The New York Times, The Washington Post, VF,  and so many more major media outlets.

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