Friday, March 16, 2012

Recently, President Obama reiterated the necessity for increased government “investing” in our economy.  The way the President’s argument is shaped it seems like government has been standing out of the way, back in the shadows, just waiting to emerge amidst the calamity created by an unfettered deregulated private sector.  The only way we will be competitive in the successive years, of course, is if we spend more taxpayer money on liberal pet projects and “invest” in special interest groups slobbering to indulge in the government subsidy trough.
Unfortunately, the exact opposite is true.  Government “investment” has been in overdrive and the special interest group gluttony is at an all-time high.  Government spending as a proportion of GDP has risen to 38.9 percent.  U.S. government outlays and expenditures increased 20 percent (or roughly $1 trillion) from 2008-2009, while GDP growth remains miniscule and the unemployment rate remains hovering at or above 9 percent.

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